Hair Straightener (Extra Forte) 85ml

Pack of two tubes – hair straightener extra forte + fixing balm

Straightening cream with keratin and silk protein

Leaves your hair straight and smooth – easy to manage

Recommended for all natural hair types, especially for thick, curly or wavy hair

Not suitable for bleached, permed or colored hair

Keune offers a hair straightening package of two products to give hair a smooth and straight look.

The pack contains hair straightening cream along with a fixing balm to make curly hair more manageable.

Keune’s Hair Straightener Extra Forte Cream is enriched with silk proteins that help keep the hair strong and healthy.

It contains keratin (K+) that leaves the hair shiny, straight and lively.

The fixing balm adds a long lasting finishing touch.

This treatment can be done on all types of hair, but it is not recommended for color-treated, permed or bleached hair.


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Are you looking for a hair styling product that will give your locks a sleek, smooth look? Then the Hair Straightener (Extra Forte) 85ml is the perfect choice for you! This specially formulated hair straightening product is designed to help tame unruly, frizzy hair and leave it looking healthier and shinier than ever. It contains special ingredients that are gentle on the scalp while providing intense heat protection to keep your hair safe from damage.


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